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Available Cows/Heifers
NOTE: As market values change, the prices on our cattle may change as well. Be sure to check back to confirm prices. 

Trophy Farm Nareen
FB British White heifer DOB:9/18/2014
Nareen is priced at $2800.00 pasture exposed to our herd bull Cartel

Trophy Farm Nebula
FB British White DOB:7/4/2014
Nebula is priced at $3000.00 Confirmed bred to our herd bull Cartel

Trophy Farm Ondine

FB British White open heifer 
DOB: 10/11/2015  
Ondine is priced at 2500.00

We have one fullblood bred cow that will be available when her march calf is weaned, we are keeping her two last heifers as replacements , so no need to keep her , she is 6 yrs old. $3000.00

One fullblood bred heifer. $3000.00
One 3/4 BW heifer. Has some pretty impressive scurs. $1500.00

Two fullblood heifers that will be available at weaning. $2000.00
Pictures to follow.  

All are registered with the BWCAA
For more information on our cattle please contact us at:

Larry or Janet Woods
Farmersville, TX

Call (972)784-3054

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