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 British White Cattle

We only have a few nice calves that will be available late summer 2019, two bulls two heifers, if you have an interest please give us a call at 
or email Beaudobie@aol.com
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Available Cows/Heifers
NOTE: As market values change, the prices on our cattle may change as well. Be sure to check back to confirm prices. 

Trophy Farm Nareen
FB British White heifer DOB:9/18/2014
Nareen is priced at $2800.00 pasture exposed to our herd bull Cartel

Trophy Farm Nebula
FB British White DOB:7/4/2014
Nebula is priced at $3000.00 Confirmed bred to our herd bull Cartel

Trophy Farm Ondine

FB British White pasture exposed heifer 
DOB: 10/11/2015  
Ondine is priced at 2000.00

We have one fullblood bred cow that will be available when her march calf is weaned, we are keeping her heifer as a replacement, so no need to keep her, she is 6 yrs old. $3000.00

One fullblood 2015 bred heifer, Omni. $3000.00
Two yearlings, one 3/4 BW heifer, Parfait, she has some pretty impressive scurs, $1500.00. The other, Pia, is a very nice fullblood, but on the small side, $1500.00 

Three fullblood heifers that will be available at weaning. $1500.00 each.
Pictures to follow.  

All are registered with the BWCAA
For more information on our cattle please contact us at:

Larry or Janet Woods
Farmersville, TX

Call (972)784-3054

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