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"Carefully Engineered"
 British White Cattle

We only have a few nice calves that will be available late summer 2019, two bulls two heifers, if you have an interest please give us a call at 
or email Beaudobie@aol.com
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"Carefully Engineered"
British   White   Cattle

British Whites at Trophy Farm

Because of their gentle and calm nature, we have dubbed this breed ...

"The Gentlemans Cattle"
If you are a true Cowboy, they will be quite a disappointment as there is no need to rodeo even the larger herds. However, they will not disappoint in all the qualities expected in beef cattle. The meat itself in my opinion is beyond compare.
 They are without a doubt one of the most attractive of Bovine, and though they adorn many small farms, they are not just lawn ornaments... 
there are few surprises, they seem to thrive in all situations, they excel in genetic uniformity, maternal instincts, calving ease, longevity and maintain excellent health throughout their life. And again, produce gourmet quality beef.   
 We started out in British Whites in 2000 adding one Bull (TX-Dublin), one bred cow, and her heifer calf, to our present herd. Little did we know the impact the British White would have on our breeding program today. Our herd now consists of British White cattle only. We chose this breed for several reasons. Because we were novices at handling and breeding cattle, we wanted something that was polled, would be easy to work with, and could handle our ever changing Texas weather. The British Whites are docile, calm and intelligent, which have made them easily managed and quite forgiving of our learning process. They are a large animal, but handled with a little common sense are perfect for those just getting acquainted within the beef industry, and are a good match for youngsters entering the show scene. The breed is especially suited for our grassfed operation.
 We chose well, and are enjoying our British Whites!
Check our Picture Gallery for a look at more of our herd. Check our Sale Pages for information on available cattle.
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Can you tell the
purebreds from the halfbreds in the picture above? Bet you can't! This shows the dominance of British White genetics over several different breeds of cattle, from beef cattle to dairy breeds.
A  BW bull can offer all the improvements listed above, and at this time, offspring from non BW's when bred to a purebred or better,  can be registered in the British White grading up program. See the BritishWhite Cattle Association of America for information on the grading up program, and more information on British White Cattle.
All our British Whites are registered with the BWCAA. If you see something of interest, you can contact Larry or Janet Woods at (972) 784-3054 or email us at:

Larry and Janet Woods

(972)784-3054or Beaudobie@aol.com


Check these LINKs for other British White breeders: 

 British White Cattle Association of America 

NOTE: Our cattle are registered with the British White Cattle Association of America. The American British White Park Association is another registry for the British White. Be sure you know which association your dealing with before you purchase your cattle. Also, do not confuse the British White Park with the
Ancient (horned) White Park Cattle, which is a very distant cousin to our polled British White cattle. You can see an example of the Ancient White Park Cattle
be sure to watch the video!